Tuesday, 9 March 2010

96. Alpha to Omega

Alphabetising actual acts and adventures
Catharsis and composition to the chaos and cacophony of the
Disparate, desperate deeds of those dismal days.

Everything that
Follows flows from finding
Guile and guilt and greed for gold in God’s
Holy house.

I am irreligious but if invoking
Jesus in judging others,
Know kindred
Law will be levered by me, the laity, to be levelled at you; a litmus test for the legitimacy of your
Mendacious minister’s morals.

Not now -
Other openings, onerous
Parts of this piercingly painful parable, position themselves as priorities, priest.

Quite quickly, it is
Shown that I should
Rein in my rage, bring regulation to my record, ready myself to relate my recollections of your regime.

The truth I
Unearthed is currently untold, but it will, ultimately, be uncovered as this unfolds.
Veils, vituperation and violence – my
Writing won’t waiver, whatever you wish.

Your yoke is yanked away

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