Sunday, 7 February 2010

68. Full Fathom Five

Under a dark sky, upon a heaving sea, in a boat, was a girl.

She was bent and thin, and her boat was small and frail. Together they were thrown by the swell and beaten by the waves, flayed by the rain, and pushed, pulled and jostled by the wind.

The boat offered no shelter from the storm. Rain and sea foam soaked her flesh, and the wind chilled it to her marrow.

The tempest threatened to overwhelm the boat and the girl. But they didn’t fight the elements; together they rode the swell and let the gale direct them.

She braced and balanced herself inside the boat. With her left hand, she paid out a plumb line. Despite the storm, she was determined to understand what lay unseen beneath, to sound out the profound, to fathom the depths.

And down there something was moving.

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