Sunday, 7 February 2010

69. A snake eating its own tale

This story will begin shortly. And it will begin with an ending.

It will begin with a pathetic, squalid ending when I find him cold and still on my settee.

This story will then proceed in reverse. It will flow uphill as I try to unravel what happened, and why and when, and look for who could have done that to him during an evening I have no memory of.

Finally, this story will end with a beginning. It will finish when I finally reach the headwater of these events, the beginning of the end that started this whole sorry tale.

And as it ends, I will realise that I made this story begin and I made it end. And I will realise what it was that happened that night that I can’t remember. And it will feel like a snake eating its own tail, and I don’t think you’ll like me anymore.

But, as I say, first it begins with an ending.

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